Benefits Of PrefabHomes

Prefabricated homes System your first choice

Sheet Molding Compound, is a composite material or fiber-reinforced plastic made of a plastic reinforced by fine fibers made of glass. Like graphite-reinforced plastic, the composite material is commonly refered to by the name of its reinforcing fibers (fiberglass). The plastic is thermosetting, most often polyster or vinylester, but other plastics, like epoxy(GRE), are also used. The glass is mostly in the form of chopped strands mat (CSM), but woven fabrics are also used.


  • Saving in construction time: About 30-50% saving in total project schedule due to fast delivery and quick site erection.
  • Reduction in project cost: Cost savings primarily result from above time saving on the Project. This also results in the earlier realization of revenue to the owner on a commercial project.
  • Large clear spans: Buildings can be supplied in clear spans up to 90 m Particularly suitable for aircraft hangers, sports facilities, etc.
  • Flexibility in the expansion: Buildings can be designed for future expansion in length, width and height.
  • Superior quality: Complete manufacturing is done in the plant to ISO 9001 quality assurance standards.
  • Low Maintenance: High-quality paint systems are available for steel and cladding to provide a long maintenance-free service life.
  • Energy efficiency: Buildings are supplied with roof and wall insulation to reduce energy costs and improve comfort level inside the building.
  • Architectural versatility: Buildings can be supplied with special fascias, canopies, curved eaves and other architectural features required on the project.
  • Single source responsibility: As the complete building steel package is supplied from a single source Eurostruct client is assured of the proper interface between all components resulting in a weather-tight building with good appearance.


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