Wadhwa Wise City presents ideal homes for Indian families in Mumbai

Over-crowdedness and congestion are real problems in the main metro city. Moreover, the availability of space is also a big issue. Due to the lack of space, the price of the properties has driven sky high causing a huge hindrance for the home seekers to own one. This is why the cities are spanning outwards to grab more land and prepare a new world for the home seekers at an affordable price. With the help of the government, the development of roads has led to a new suburb where the modern day home seekers can live peacefully. The same stands true for Mumbai also. The city is increasing its size into the promising suburbs. The new projects are becoming excellent options for the home seekers. For the families out there, Wadhwa Wise City is the wisest decision one can make. The new venture from Wadhwa group will be the right home for the right people in Mumbai.
Wadhwa Group is a shining name on the map of the real estate industry in India. It has delivered one of the best projects where the Indian families reside with utmost peace and convenience. Needless to say, Wadhwa Wise City Panvel will be one of the best in Mumbai suburb one can invest in and enjoy a good future.

Location of Wadhwa Wise City

The developer has strategically chosen Panvel in Navi Mumbai as the best location for the creation of a landmark project for the Indian families. Wadhwa Wise City will aim at delivering modern homes of enough floor space for the small Indian families to reside and stay connected with the main city. Panvel is one of the most happening suburbs in Navi Mumbai where immense development is taking place since few years. The land chosen by the developer is ideal for the Indian families as it will be surrounded by all the facilities one needs.

Wadhwa Panvel will be constructed amidst the heart of the development center in Panvel. It is surrounded by arterial roads and a good transport system so that the residents can connect with the other parts of the city easily. The professionals will find it easier to connect and commute to their respective workplaces. The other family members will be able to find all the daily necessities right at their doorstep.

Undeniable features of Wadhwa Wise City

The developer has come up with a vast piece of land to create a township project for the middle class families. The name suggests that the project will be huge. Wadhwa Panvel Project will offer studio, 1 BHK and 2 BHK apartments for the future residents. The floor space will vary from 280 square feet to 630 square feet. The price will vary from INR 35 Lakhs onwards. The homes will have ample space to accommodate the daily needs of a family. the open space will also cater the specific amenities a family needs these days. There is no doubt that Wadhwa Panvel Wise City will be the perfect investment plan a family can own and enjoy a bright future ahead.


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